ThorneBrook Farms is a locally owned and operated farm in beautiful Goochland County, VA. We offer sustainably raised grass-fed beef & lamb and new to our Farm Shop are some Farmstyle Goods!  Visit our Buyer Options page and the Farm Shop for more info on our products and availability.


Words cannot describe how excited we are to offer this to you! A place where you can get some farm gear and sustenance all at once. Our hearts are overflowing with the love and support you all have shown in this journey to the farm life.

It’s time to take our farm to another level and share with you more than just Brooks’ love of cattle and our gluttonous love of food. It’s time we share some of our personal favorite things. Goodies that make us smile and inspire us. That is precisely why we opened up our online FARM SHOP.… Read our blog post to learn more.

In January 2017, we launched a brand new resource…


As we continue to share the story of our trials and triumphs, the farm journal will be a place to get that dose of encouragement and conviction. Whether you’re a customer wanting to learn what it takes to deliver a cooler full of beef awesomeness to you, a beginning farmer whose just ‘bought the farm’ or someone living in the city endeavoring to one day get back to the land, we hope that our blog will be a place to come hang out and chew the cud.

Let’s talk about what it takes to care for livestock, homesteading, cooking, and living the often romanticized farm life… because yes, there are romantic aspects. But, it all comes at a heavy cost.

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Photo Credit: Ashley Duke, Faith Photography

We are 1st generation farmers working from the ground up to build our little piece of paradise.

Read our farm story at The ThorneBrook Story!