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Chewn’ the Fat: Brooks’ Winter Weather Gear

While Virginia is considered a southern state, we still get some brutal winters come through. It’s been one for the books this year and we are only a little ways through.

We’re starting a new series called Chewn’ the Fat that will be Brooks’ two pennies on just about anything. For our first installment, we’ll talk about Brooks’ winter weather gear.

This guy has had to overcome zero degree temps, wind chills in the negatives, frozen water systems, and cold livestock.

How does he do it? With a lot of faith and prayer. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have a few pieces of winter gear to keep him warm.

Join us as we dig into what keeps our farmer warm. Continue reading

A Cumberland Farmhouse: More Discoveries

The days had turned cooler and leaves started dropping as we took a few trips out to the farm. We met the soil folks out there who informed us that the soil was some of the best in the Piedmont. This was absolutely fantastic news!

The Piedmont area of Virginia is a stretch that goes from north to south and is centrally located. It’s a section of Virginia that is known for ideal soil conditions for various farming operations.

Our soil study revealed ideal soil and the owner of the company made it a point to call Brooks personally to tell him. In his words, he said, “How ever [we] decide to use the property, the soil will support us well.”

Awesome. Continue reading

A Cumberland Farmhouse: We’ve Bought a Piece of History!

After long hours of discussion, prayer, and practicing our visionary skills, we decided to take the plunge. We worked through budget planning, negotiations, and weeks later we closed.

We still aren’t sure what we will do about the house itself. With it being so rich in history, it is our hope to renovate. But, that may not be feasible. For now, we will preserve the home as best as possible to buy some time to think it through, obtain a few quotes, get a structural engineer out there, etc.

In our decision making process, the location and land were the big deal to us. We tend to invest in things we understand. For us, our go to investments of choice are real estate and our own businesses so that we can have more control over how our money is managed. Continue reading

A Cumberland Farmhouse: Seeing the Interior for the First Time

As the saying goes, never judge a book by it’s cover. But, it was hard not to when the exterior of a potential home was so distressed. To say it held charm was an understatement.

After taking some time to talk it over we contacted a realtor. He let us in the house and from there our hearts fell more in love with the property. Only this time, it was the house that was stirring our hearts.

Continue reading

A Cumberland Farmhouse: the Dream, the Drive-By, & the Land

Since before we married, we’ve been stalking various farms all over the state of Virginia. Our favorite has always been one in the Green Springs District of Louisa County. It’s 200+ acres, with a historical home, a cottage, various outbuildings & ag structures.

It was far into an abandoned state, but we still walked up the long driveway off of Route 29, past the rusty for sale sign, and up to the stately house. We peeked into the windows and later found an open door.

Shhh, don’t tell anybody but we snuck in through that opened door. It was open after all and was whispering our names. Continue reading

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