We offer our beef & lamb retail style through Seasonal Roots. This online farm market delivers straight to your doorstep! Check out their website for more info on their products and delivery schedule (click on SeasonalRoots above).

All of our meats are delivered packaged, vacuum sealed, frozen, and labeled with our logo, the cut, and weight.

SHARES (Currently Sold Out)

We also offer shares in quarter, half, and whole increments.

Our shares sell out very quickly. So, when the seasonal buying windows open it’s imperative that you get your

 order in ASAP. To be included on our email list, please complete our contact form. This will ensure that you are in

 the know on our product availability and happenings!

Below is a sample half share from one of our deliveries this past fall. It gives you an example of what you wouldreceive in a half share. If you are interested in a quarter, simply divide this inventory in half.

Stew Meat – 10 packs (approx 1lb)

Ground Beef – 72 packs (approx  1lb)

Brisket – 1 whole (approx 8 lbs)

Short Ribs – 4 packs

Rib Steak – 13

Ranch Steak – 8

Chuck Eye – 7

T-Bone Steak – 8

Porterhouse – 7

Sirloin Steak – 6

Eye Round Roast – 1

Top Round Roast – 3 (approx 3 lbs each)

Sirloin Tip Roast – 2 (approx 3 lbs each)

Tri Tip Whole Roast – 1 

Bones – 13 packs

Organs – varied

If you are purchasing a half or whole share you can customize your processing! This enables you to get exactly what you want from your share. You can get the whole thing in ground beef if you wanted to. It’s completely up to you to select the cuts.

Delivery is done via drop locations. We strive to select a location that is easy and convenient for all of the buyers in your shared area. Once we’ve pinpointed the date of delivery, we email the delivery schedule to everyone for that day. Usually, a week’s notice is given for exact delivery details. Although, generally we know when and where the deliveries will take place before then. Our drop locations are usually WestChester, Ashland, West End of Richmond, Goochland, Providence Forge, and Fredericksburg.



Beef Shares:

$(TBD)/lb hanging weight

Quarter, Half, & Whole Share Increments Only.

Shares include finished meats, organs (optional), bones (optional), delivery to shared drop location.

Lamb Shares:

$(TBD)/lb hanging weight

Half & Whole Share Increments Only.

Shares include finished meats, organs (optional), bones (optional), delivery to shared drop location.