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Vision Boards: How We Focus on Building a Dream

As I look back on our farming journey there is one thing that stands out as being one of the biggest driving forces towards progress. That force is our ‘vision’. There are lots and lots of other components that have contributed to the cause, but more often than not, a relentless focus on the vision we have for our farm ministry is what has brought us as far as we’ve come, kept us from giving up, and allowed us to crush any fear that arises.

Starting anything from scratch can be a scary thing especially when there’s a bump or two (or three or a million) in the road. If you’re not committed to the vision, it’s easy to say ‘never mind, I didn’t want it anyways’.

But, that hasn’t been Brooks and I. We’ve been so focused nearly the whole way. Continue reading

Our Shift to Grass-Fed: Why We Changed Our Model

We started the planning and initial building of our farm in 2006. The first tasks were acquiring land, saving some moolah for inputs, solidifying funds for the initial herd purchase, and preparing the land for our soon to be first group of yearling heifers.  Among all that, we researched, researched, researched… and worked boo-coos of extra hours covering our basis. Have I mentioned that starting a business is no small feat? 

We finally bought our first herd in Spring 2007. 

At the time we bought our herd, we were conventional farmers with a concentration in grass-based. What does that mean? 

It means we raised our cattle on pasture but still used medicines, vaccines, conventional feeds, and hay grown with fertilizers, etc. We were far from organic and definitely not sustainable. Continue reading

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