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Vision Boards: How We Focus on Building a Dream

As I look back on our farming journey there is one thing that stands out as being one of the biggest driving forces towards progress. That force is our ‘vision’. There are lots and lots of other components that have contributed to the cause, but more often than not, a relentless focus on the vision we have for our farm ministry is what has brought us as far as we’ve come, kept us from giving up, and allowed us to crush any fear that arises.

Starting anything from scratch can be a scary thing especially when there’s a bump or two (or three or a million) in the road. If you’re not committed to the vision, it’s easy to say ‘never mind, I didn’t want it anyways’.

But, that hasn’t been Brooks and I. We’ve been so focused nearly the whole way.

One of my personal secrets to getting it all done and staying focused is through my vision board. Over the years, I’ve kept a folder of my drawings, clippings from magazines, and various articles. Today, along with that file, I keep a folder on my computer’s desktop with various images. Some are the idealic visions of the perfect farm or homestead, some of a certain cottage plan, and some are of a cute farm store. In essence, they are my goals.

Here is one of my inspirations…

Many of these images are truly perfect and, trust me, I know better than to expect perfection.

As you have read and will continue to read on this blog, life itself is very much imperfect. Farming is often romanticized and I hate that. There are some beautiful aspects of my life most of which have nothing to do with the visual qualities of our farm or things going exactly as planned. My life’s perfections come in the simplicity of my work, my partner in love, life, and business, and the support of family & friends. What more can a girl ask for?

Seriously, how cute is that farm cottage??? ?? 

I don’t need perfection in the structure of my farming practice. I just need my vision, which will ultimately be my life’s work. Authentic, imperfect, holistic work towards a dream that I piece together through my vision board.

This is a definite bucket list item. Greenhouse, compost bins, watering cans, and the fruit of my many, many laborious days.

I have found that when I keep the vision on the forefront of my mind I am more focused. A well known business and life principle suggests to surround yourself with people and things that share your common goals or interests. So, if you are trying to lose weight then stick to being around people on the same path, follow Instagram feeds that encourage you towards your goals, and eliminate the things that don’t.

Same principle is applied here… I surround myself with the very things I am after. I read certain books, watch certain documentaries, research specific topics, etc. etc. My vision board is absolutely a component.

In her book, Through Gates of Splendor, Elizabeth Elliot quotes her husband as saying, 

“Wherever you are, be all there! Live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God.” [Jim Elliot}

My friends, we’ve been living out this truth wholeheartedly. Some seasons were harder for us to maintain focus, but most of the time we’ve been relentless in our endeavors.

Write it out!

Accomplish your own goals and ambitions through means such as a vision board. Keep it close by, on your computer, written on a notecard,  kept in your car, etc. Review it on a regular basis.

It’s sure to drive you a bit farther.


  1. Very inspirational! Vision board and focus on your dream are powerful.

    • ThorneBrookFarms

      March 20, 2017 at 1:28 pm

      Janet, YES! I am such a visual person and when I am able to see the vision I am better able to make specific decisions towards it. It helps me to reign in too many ideas into a narrower focus.

  2. I like the way you think. I have to laugh because I started 3 folders of my own this month alone!

    • ThorneBrookFarms

      March 20, 2017 at 1:28 pm

      Good! I also will select one as the backdrop of my desktop screen. I see it all day now. 😀

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