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Chewn’ the Fat: Brooks’ Winter Weather Gear

While Virginia is considered a southern state, we still get some brutal winters come through. It’s been one for the books this year and we are only a little ways through.

We’re starting a new series called Chewn’ the Fat that will be Brooks’ two pennies on just about anything. For our first installment, we’ll talk about Brooks’ winter weather gear.

This guy has had to overcome zero degree temps, wind chills in the negatives, frozen water systems, and cold livestock.

How does he do it? With a lot of faith and prayer. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have a few pieces of winter gear to keep him warm.

Join us as we dig into what keeps our farmer warm. Continue reading

Cowboy’s Work

Don’t be afraid to go after what you want to do, and what you want to be. But, don’t be afraid to be willing to pay the price.  ~Unknown~

For our 10 year anniversary, Brooks and I put farming on hold for a whole two weeks to take an epic trip to Montana and Wyoming. He had been out there for a college internship and said it was the most beautiful spot in America.

He was right.

I am certain that a part of my heart was left behind. I want to go back and, honestly, I’d strongly consider moving there if it weren’t for the harsh winters. #wheresmyplaneticket 

To whet that Wyoming appetite, I’ve created a Pandora station called “Song of Wyoming Radio”. The station is based on… you guessed it… a song titled “Song of Wyoming”. It’s tons of cowboy style music. Old-school.

One day, there was a song that popped up on this station that made me tear up immediately. It’s called “Cowboy’s Work” by Brandon Ryder. As I listened to the lyrics play out and the perfect musicals in its background, I just stopped my work and cried. 

There was something about that song that lit my Farmer’s Wife heart on fire. Each and every lyric hit home with me in ways that no other song, conversation, blog post, fellow farmer’s wife had. It’s like finally we as farmers were understood.  Continue reading

Vision Boards: How We Focus on Building a Dream

As I look back on our farming journey there is one thing that stands out as being one of the biggest driving forces towards progress. That force is our ‘vision’. There are lots and lots of other components that have contributed to the cause, but more often than not, a relentless focus on the vision we have for our farm ministry is what has brought us as far as we’ve come, kept us from giving up, and allowed us to crush any fear that arises.

Starting anything from scratch can be a scary thing especially when there’s a bump or two (or three or a million) in the road. If you’re not committed to the vision, it’s easy to say ‘never mind, I didn’t want it anyways’.

But, that hasn’t been Brooks and I. We’ve been so focused nearly the whole way. Continue reading

It’s Not What I’d Envisioned

It was a cool morning on March 27, 2012. I awoke from my slumber, leaped from my cozy bed and ran to the smudged farmhouse window. In slight shimmer of the first peeks of sunshine at dawn, I could see them. The first lambs ever to be born on our farm. 

I squealed to Brooks, “They’re here! They’re here!” 

I ran outside, [phone] camera in hand, and gazed upon what I couldn’t only see as a miracle. Our first flock, having been on our farm a mere 5 months, were starting to lamb. I’d seen a baby sheep before in movies, magazines, and the state fair. The preciousness that they are met all of my expectations and then some when they resided at my own farmstead. Their little ‘baas’ were delighting

Spring was upon us and this little moment in time was just the beginning.  Continue reading

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