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Farm Style: Our New Line of Life Inspired Farm Goods

Our farm life isn’t just about feeding cattle, driving tractors, scooping poop, and playing assistant to a lambing ewe. There’s a whole other piece to this farming equation that’s about living life inspired.

It’s about family. It’s about good food. It’s about the beauty of the land, pride in our work, and resting at night in our farm cottage.

I love the days that are slower because, to me, they always seem to be more meaningful. Dreams are dreamt, plans are made, and appreciating the lives that we lead all happen on days like that.

They hold more room for conversations with Farmer Brooks and making dinner is a great, big, happy opportunity instead of yet another thing I need to check off my ‘to do’ list.

Living out these slower days are what inspire me the most. Continue reading

It’s Not What I’d Envisioned

It was a cool morning on March 27, 2012. I awoke from my slumber, leaped from my cozy bed and ran to the smudged farmhouse window. In slight shimmer of the first peeks of sunshine at dawn, I could see them. The first lambs ever to be born on our farm. 

I squealed to Brooks, “They’re here! They’re here!” 

I ran outside, [phone] camera in hand, and gazed upon what I couldn’t only see as a miracle. Our first flock, having been on our farm a mere 5 months, were starting to lamb. I’d seen a baby sheep before in movies, magazines, and the state fair. The preciousness that they are met all of my expectations and then some when they resided at my own farmstead. Their little ‘baas’ were delighting

Spring was upon us and this little moment in time was just the beginning.  Continue reading

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